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Taxes are complex and getting more so each day. As a trusted business advisor, Sarah helps businesses navigate that complexity while minimizing taxes, that way no one is paying more taxes than they need to. Sarah works with businesses of all sizes, helping them plan for taxes so there are no surprise tax bills at tax time.  

Streamlined Accounting Solutions

Expert Business CPA Services

With a wealth of financial expertise, Sarah Shaw is equipped to guide you through the intricacies of managing your business finances, ensuring a sharp focus on your bottom line. Her unwavering commitment to your success drives her to provide personalized strategies and solutions that will fuel the growth and prosperity of your business.

Optimize Your Bottom Line

Seamless Financial Statements and Tax Planning

Tax Strategy + Returns

With a collaborative and accessible approach, Sarah provides proactive tax advice ensuring clients maximize tax savings while staying tax compliant.

Financial Statements

Providing review and compilation financial statement services, Sarah empowers companies to make informed decisions and drive long-term success.

financial insights

Business advising

Businesses can all benefit from more strategy and planning. Often working with clients onsite, Sarah gets to know each business and their team, allowing for highly customized solutions and strategic guidance. For construction contractors, services encompass profit fade and gain analysis, along with benchmarking and ratio analysis allowing contractors to know how they stack up against their competitors.

"The most professional, knowledgable and frankly the nicest person you can find to work with"

We have been clients of Sarahs for the past three years … We are a private surveying company and we depend on Sarah not only for tax preparation, but also for updates on new regulations and tax forecasting and planning. We’ve been in business nearly 18 years and Sarah is by far the most professional, knowledgeable and frankly the nicest person you can find to work with.”

Don & Kim Wallace
Owners of KLS Surveying, Inc.